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FOX Business
Sep 16, 2012 1:00am EDT
, jonas max ferris along with todd and steve murphy. okay, todd, we saw gas prices jump during the arab spring last year. how bad is this going to get. >> it's going to get horrible. first of all like you said at the top. we're at a record high this time of the year and start talking about the violence that's taking place in libya and oil based countries right now and you have to only assume at that this is going to spread. this is going to continue to move higher and this is something the u.s. economy cannot afford right now because they're looking at higher prices at the pump. less money to go out and spend. >> brenda: steve, we are seeing that supply could drive this higher, but demand might bring it down. the economy is in trouble around the world. >> yes, absolutely. first of all, the supply has not been disrupted and it's not likely to be disrupted and the gulf states, saudi arabia, especially, em rats are pumpi-- emirates wants us to stand up to iran. and the oil supplies-- we know what the trend line is, it's going to go down in the fall and it's not the biggest threat to our ec
FOX News
Sep 29, 2012 7:00am PDT
bears, here are the bulls and bears, gary b smith, tobin smith. jonas max ferris. and welcome everybody. gary b, is economic patriotism exactly what the economy needs? >> well, not this version of economic patriotism. you know, i think this plan is going to do a lot more harm than good, brenda, especially to the country's bottom line. look, i went through the plan, obama's plan. i went through his tv commercial, three things jumped out that just didn't make any sense, one, he wants to-- one, he wants to cut tax breaks or companies that outsource. when companies outsource the net effect is to create more jobs that were here. people were able to buy goods cheaper because companies are able to make the goods cheaper and buy goods cheaper and spend more money in other sectors, two the other they think he wants to do, he wanted to invest in education and training programs. that's all well and good, brenda and we know that's going to cost millions and millions of dollars, but that's not how the economy works. >> gary b, it's spending more, what does that do to the debt? >> well, bre
FOX News
Sep 8, 2012 7:00am PDT
this week, gary b smith, tobin smith. jonas max ferris along with larry glazier and susan, welcome to everybody. so, larry, unemployment still above 8%, what is it going to take to get the job market roaring back? >> sure, well, the president's jobs plan is just not cutting it, and you know, we know when we dig beneath the surface, the situation is much worse than the headline data suggests. we know that the underemployment rate, a comprehensive data level is 15 mers in this country and know that the labor participation rate, a reflection of whether people are actually looking for jobs is at its lowest level since the early 1980's, their wages are barely keeping pace with inflation. >> how are we going to get better, larry. it's only a half hour show. >> how we're going to make it better by getting the unskilled workers skills for. that's how we're' going to make it better. >> brenda: this is the 30th month of job growth and-- >> and we're better off, for people who forget fall of 2008, 2009 we were losing 800,000 jobs a month and gdp was contracting and we were on the brink of fin
Sep 1, 2012 12:35am EDT
excited. we have joe jonas and house minority leader nancy pelosi on the show tonight. [ cheers and applause ] i know what you're thinking. is there any place those two don't go together? yeah. they're here tonight. and 2 chainz, you guys. 2 chainz tonight. [ cheers and applause ] got a big record. this is big, you guys. yesterday, president obama said that he is sticking with joe biden as his running mate even though biden made a series of major gaffes this week. in response, joe biden was, like, "this is [ bleep ] great!" [ laughter ] another meeting in the oval office? closed door or open door? closed door? oh man. some more election news. yesterday, mitt romney brought a dry erase board to a speech so that he could explain his plan for medicare. it's pretty simple, actually. all he did was write the word medicare, and then he erased it. [ lauger and applause ] to the point. made his point. okay. this is interesting. it turns out that romney's running mate paul ryan's middle name is davis, which means that his name is pauly d. you can tell from his campaign slogan -- "paul ryan:
FOX Business
Sep 23, 2012 1:00am EDT
jonas max ferris, and who is right about it, the markets or big businesses? >> well, big business is right about the economy. you can believe them or not. they have no incentive to tell you things are bad. doesn't help the stock prices, what's really happening if you look at data points, the economy is loge down. new orders going down. trading partners going down. manufacturing going down and employment-- here is the rub, the change, bad economic news means good things for the the stock market. the stock market is not saying that the economy is recovering. the stock market is saying we're going to get more stimulus from gentle ben, more stimulus from mario draghi. not an expectation of recovery. >> those are the central bankers printing money and putting it into the economy in the hope of making the recovery pick up. but, toby, i worry about looking at individual businesses, because, individual things drive them and it may not be a good read on the entire economy. >> if you worry correctly, because if you look at for instance, intel. lighter numbers, why? because they're getting thei
Sep 12, 2012 6:00am PDT
men's side the short list includes kevin jonas of the jonas brothers and mario lopez the tv host. this season also features new judges britney spears and demi lovado. you can check out the new editions right here on ktvu channel 2. the two hour season premier starts tonight at 8:00. >>> coming up on 7:00. let's go back to sal. >> all right pam and dave. traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area but it's crowded at the bay bridge toll plaza. you will see traffic moving along slowly. south bay somewhat surprising we don't have a lot of slow traffic expect on 101 near 880. 280 and 85 still looking pretty good. 6:57 let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. a lot of low crowds out there. temperatures not changing much overall again 60s and 70s coast and bay. >> thank you. >>> coming up on mornings on 2 a major international story that has bay area connections. the american ambassador to libya one of americans killed in a rocket attack. >>> it's also the big day for apple. we are out there live for a long awaited announcement that is hours away.
FOX News
Sep 15, 2012 10:30am EDT
>> now what? guys, i have a secret nobody else knows this. it's smart boy's birthday. jonas, happy birthday he's 29? neil is next. >> neil: well, spend now, deal with it later. and bipartisanship is alive and well, but not for the reason reasons, but comes to spending money. like an 8 billion dollar increase in spending to keep the government going, an increase. now, that sounds like a small number, not for the overall big number, but for a lot of house republicans they're getting props for propping up a budget. think about that. all of those who came in and trying it control this passing off on this. so, now, now, what are we looking at? forget about growing up? how about growing something else? okay. you think about that (laughter) >> stop me, stop me. >> charlie graasperino, and gary, what do you think about that? you think about the republican side, six months to keep it going so the government doesn't shut down. in so doing that, you increase spending. >> i don't blame the freshmen, i blame the leadership, it comes from the top down and neil, there's no grape fruits
FOX Business
Sep 9, 2012 1:30am EDT
%. >> brenda: jonas, what do you think about that. >> and focus on the stock for a little-- (laughter). >> all right, ka vut cavuto is from the conventions and fired up. the show is next. >> here is the good news on both the completed democratic national convention and the republican national convention the week before not that they're done, but we now know clearly who they are, and each comfortable in their own skins and republicans happy to embrace business and democrats happy on government. i say good for them. now, who, who is good for you? hi, everyone, i'm neil cavuto. size apparently does matter. and democrats want more government and republicans-- both making passionate cases of their position. >> it's time for democrats to grow a backbone and stand up for what we believe. >> neil: that backbone company got a positive response. what were you trying to say there? >> i'm trying to say that we have be to be about our values which are central american values, central to the american character and stand up and we win. >> you did make that happen. you did that build that, america. >
FOX News
Sep 22, 2012 7:30am PDT
print more gold. i like gold etf, gld. >> brenda: jonas. >> 10 million dollars a month, bear. >> brenda: gary b your prediction. >> amazon killing it up 30%. >> brenda: all right. jim, bull or bear? >> valuation too high. give me ebay instead. >> brenda: neil is next. >> you want to get this number down? how about starting by getting this number down. welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto and fox on top of getting on top of those numbers. and a 16 trillion dollar debt that keeps growing and a tax base in which 47% of aren't paying and the latter create ago dust up for mitt romney and whether he was just writing these folks off, prompting the first on fox clarification from mitt romney, telling me he was just pointing an alarming trend out. that 47% figure, which is about right, is it too high? do you think that the level should be be closer to what it was in the late 70's, where it was in the 20's? what is an acceptable level? >> well, first of all, of course, you're right. there are a number of retirees, members of the military and so forth who aren't paying taxes and that's as
Sep 12, 2012 11:00pm PDT
padres anglo a jonas. en algunos aspectos relacionados a la crianza de los hijos. >>> las madres mexicanas inmigrantes son más protectoras apoyan más a sus hijos en labores escolares. y además, suenen interés sufrir menos en los conflictos conyugales de sus hijos chblt el estudio abarcó más de 5.000 mamás mexicanas chinas y anglosajonas y encontró que a pesar dl pobreza los hijos lograron tener una mayor fortaleza mental. >>> muy bien por ellas una felicitación a la padres mexicanas que scan adulan e te a los hijos. lo digo yo que soy tu
Sep 6, 2012 5:00pm EDT
, sigue batallando por su vida. su verdadero nombre es jonÁs ortiz, chocÓ contra un poste del tendido elÉctrico a la salida de una presentaciÓn. >>> alexander hacha grabÓ un video. >>> punto de encuentro las montaÑas que sirvieron como escenario para la grabaciÓn del nuevo video de alexander. >>> la canciÓn "amor sincero" es la canciÓn de la tele novela un refugio para el amor, que le va de maravilla. >>> la actriz invitada es la protagonista de la tele novela, eduardo berÁztegui es el encargado de dirigirlo. >>> es meticuloso, que las cosas queden como tienen que quedar. >>> espero que toque corazÓnes y sea de su agrado. >>> contÓ que eres perfecciÓnista. >>> tenemos un dÍa de trabajo, en un dÍa tiene que quedar todo, por lo menos hacer lo mejor posible. empezÓ a llover y decÍamos que no puede ser, la lluvia se fue a los quince minutos, despuÉs salieron abejas que nos picaron a todos, salimos corriendo, despuÉs se nos descompuso el coche. >>> por fin pudimos hablar con ella. >>> gracias por esperarnos, se nos iba la luz. feliz, es un tema que representa un proyecto i
Sep 5, 2012 7:00am EDT
of speculation about special guest mentors on the show. for example, nick jonas. i know you can't confirm a lot of things. nick jonas, maybe marc anthony, justin bieber. you go back, toured with the jonas brothers and also with him in the disney days. >> yes. >> can you say he taped with you? >> i will just tell you that you'll have to wait and see. >> have to wait and see. that's it. >> yes, you'll have to wait and see. >> you seem like you're doing so great right now. have you a great week ahead of you. you have a preshow for the vmas, part of that, nominated as well. your song, "give your heart a break" hit song. things are going good in your life right now? >> i can't complain at all. it's amazing. i'm living in a dream right now. >> you talked last time you were here in march you talked very publicly about the struggles you had faced including eating disorder, bipolar, cutting. a lot of people really sympathized and reached out to you, some of your young fans who may be experiencing the same things. what's the advice you give to them? >> the advice i give to anybody, people i
FOX News
Sep 29, 2012 3:00pm EDT
worst bias of the world. jonas goldberg had the honor of awarding one of dishonors. >> this is point of personal privilege we are doing the barbra streisand award for political stupidity. i have a mild obsession for barbra streisand. it's not a healthy obsession. one of the reasons why is when the l.a. times picked me up as columnist. barbra streisand cancelled her subscription to the l.a. times in protest. in my career there are very few high watermarks than that. look, in all fairness, conservatives shouldn't be such pains in the ass to hollywood liberals but the simple fact fastest rooted to their brain. the winner goes to baby higo, sean penn. >> he has what to get the "n" word out of the white house party. the tea party party. there is a big bubble coming out of their heads, can we just lynch him. >> competitors for the highest dishonor or the worst reporter in the history of man, were katie couric, brian gumbil and brian williams and dan rather and the winner, drum roll, katie couric kheows by the conditions. there she is right there. cal you were at the ceremony last nig
Sep 21, 2012 12:35am EDT
yesterday's news. i'm interested in mars. the moon is the jonas brothers while mars is one direction. the moon was a big deal in the 1960's. again, so is l.s.d. that is what your parents got high on because they didn't have bath salts. anyway, i'm really into mars. i'm excited about nasa's curiosity rover. it took off last november and landed on mars a few weeks ago. still faster than flying jet blue, right, geoff? there is your late night joke. [laughter] the curiosity rover has two separate computer systems so they should have probably called it bicuriosity. in space, no one can hear you swish. [laughter] anyway, it started transmitting amazing photographs over the mountains and valleys of princess kate. it is a joke! i don't approve of it either. i think it is outrageous. geoff, how do you feel about it? geoff: rrrrr. craig: we're really angry, aren't we, geoff? geoff: you sounded like wilford brimley. craig: the one thing curiosity has con sfirmed the smoon getting closer to mars and they will probably collide in about 10,000 years. then what happens? sadly only larry king will b
Sep 8, 2012 12:00am EDT
and nick prueher. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: nick and joe, just like the jonas brothers. rchlt in a -- in a way. >> jimmy: so you collect vhs tapes. why? >> we feel if we don't preserve the videotapes, no one will preserve our history. that part of our history will be gone. >> they're ending up in landfill right now. >> thrift stores don't want them. it's like a lost form at. >> nursing homes are the last ones with vcrs -- and us. so we collect as many as we can. >> jimmy: how did it start? >> i was in a mcdonald's in my hometown in wisconsin. [ applause ] >> jimmy: mcdonald's fans. [ laughter ] >> there is training video there called inside custodial duties and it was for janitors and we didn't have a janitor at our mcdonald's. so i thought, what is this? popped it in out of boredom. and it was so remarkably wonderfully stupid, that i took it. i showed it to joe. >> we were obsessed with training videos after. and the thing is how remashible the actors are. >> jimmy: the fist paycheck they had ever. >> they are excited to do the most menial tasks. we actually have a cli
FOX News
Sep 19, 2012 6:00pm EDT
never be released and he is going to die in prison. >> bret: jona? >> it's a bizarre response. in normal politics, if a politician says i have no plan to run, that is generally construed as he is going to run. and to say there is no plan is almost parsing of the word "is" there. it's a very strange thing. representative king is absolutely right. why not have a categorical denial? this guy was ring leader of attack morn soil. under no circumstances could we possibly let him out. certainly you cannot let him out after you have the attacks on the cairo embassy. to suggest that the reports out there that this is actually an ongoing negotiation i find it hard to believe. >> bret: they shoot it down privately. it's not as categorical from the podium. >> it would be insane. so insane. i say this because i have immense respect for the foreign policy philosophy in the white house. but this is on par with iran can tra to say you attack our embassies. here is the man with american blood on his hands in respons response. >> who attacked the world trade center. this is inconceivable. >> bret:
Sep 12, 2012 10:00pm EDT
announced the mentors for sure. so justin bieber will be with l.a. reid and nick jonas with demi lovato. >> what about simon? >> simon doesn't have a mentor yet. >> any other scoop? >> i think we're off to a great start. there's lot of good dirt about behind the scenes, britney no alcohol ban and the women can't be too pretty behind the set of x-factor for britney and we want to know why the judges were eating the entire time they were judging. >> maybe they were hungry. >> no breaks. >> they were working them hard trying to get everything in. >> no lunch break. >> sarah, thank you very much. we'll let you get out of here because you have to be at work early. >>> dustin hoffman and david letterman among the distinguished list of entertainers tonight, just two of the 2012 recipients of the kennedy center honor. buddy guy, led zeppelin and the kennedy center honors take place december 2nd. >>> next at 11:00 an unlicensed daycare busted in virginia, the surprising discovery police made when they went inside the home. >> plus caught on camera, bank robbers throwing handfuls cash out
Sep 13, 2012 9:00am EDT
now ruby, jonas, camilla and angelo. >> these are the untouchable. how are you? >> good. >> you guys are so young. all under the age of 13, but yet you beat out all of these great dancers on "america's got talent." was that amazing? >> it was amazing because we are the last kids and dance act l t left. and that's really amazing. and no kids have won "america's got talent." and if we were the first, that would just be the best thing ever. >> you got some votes here. >> let's go see what they can do. come on, guys. >> go ahead. ♪ don't stop keep it moving put your drinks up ♪ ♪ let the rhythm take your world on the floor ♪ ♪ we're running tonight on the floor ♪ ♪ >> whew! yeah. ♪ we gonna get on the floor >> the untouchables. >> wow. congratulations. >> oh, fantastic. you guys are great. good job. meanwhile, over here, let's point out david garabaldi. >> chairman of the board. >> yeah, looking like frank sinatra here. that's amazing. now let's bring out richard and nicholas olate, father and son animal trainers. these dogs are unbelievable when you see them perform. hi,
Sep 9, 2012 8:00am EDT
life. >> reporter: jonas, from eldersburg in carroll county, when he graduated from high school in june, he decided to postpone college. >> my mom, her first instinct was just like, you're crazy. no, you're going to college. >> reporter: mom has come around a bit, and dude trek, as he calls it, started week ago. he gets a lot of questions. >> what are you doing? what are you doing? what is dude trek? why do you smell so bad? i've gone three days without a shower so far. >> it's our lucky day. >> yeah, really. >> reporter: this is sweaty business. >> like i said, i was a runner, so i upped my running for a little while. >> reporter: he camps most nights, but occasionally bunks with friends, like the one who invited him to a party near college park, even though he probably couldn't make it. >> i'm like, dude, you're never going to guess where i'll be friday night. i'll be in greenville park. dude! i live a block away from green belt park! >> reporter: he's only been at it for a week, but jonah says the best part so far is the people he's sharing the road with. >> the biggest surprise
Sep 26, 2012 2:35am EDT
about the song, who is she refusing to get back some people think that they is joe jonas. it could be jake gillenhall, if that's the case she doesn't get much sympathy from many people since he is arguably one of the hottest guys on the planet. ♪ getting back together >> reporter: the hottest track right nowen of what the kids are calling edm, electronic dance music, is spectrum by zed. zed, he is 22 years old. a musical prodigy. he is from germany and he is blowing up. his new album, clarity, comes out october 9th. lady gaga has said she has a major musical crush on him. guess who else wants to work with him? justin bieber. once you get the biebs involved, you are officially bfd. ♪ bring it back ♪ tell them,0 to play it again ♪ >> why do we all go out to the club? trey songz has written a dissertation on club culture and narrowed it down to two reasons. ♪ lady and the drinks >> reporter: unless you are listening to unedited version, then it is the [ bleep ] and the drinks. actually it is amazing, really catchy. ♪ ladies and the drinks >> now i know who trey songz is an
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 59 (some duplicates have been removed)